Walking Toward  {Camminando Verso}

Walking Toward
Camminando Verso

Italy, 2010, 75 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Drama, Immigration / Exile, Lesbian, Mystery / Thriller
Program: World Cinema
Language: in Italian, Bosnian with English subtitles

DIRECTOR: Roberto Cuzzillo

Expected Guests: director Roberto Cuzzillo

U.S. Premiere

Two women collide across cultures with a haunting effect in Walking Toward. Full of tension from the first frame, Emina struggles to hide a dark secret from her roommate, Antonia. The life Emina left in Bosnia follows her to Rome, forcing her to reckon with a violent past.

Emina works a dead-end night job with a lecherous boss, stealing private moments when she can. Antonia parties late, misses her younger girlfriend in NYC, and seems to collect foreign friends in need of a hand. They share an apartment in a grey neighborhood of Rome, running into each other occasionally. Antonia’s insecurity and Emina’s loneliness escalate to set the stage perfectly for them to find hope and comfort in each other. When Antonia stops a desperate Bosnian man, Neso, from committing suicide, she lets him sleep on the couch, thinking he and Emina will have much in common. What becomes apparent is that one is a Bosnian Serb and one is a Bosnian Muslim. When Emina’s boss tries to push her too far, Neso intervenes. Although they were on opposite sides in their homeland, their outsider status throws them together now.

An insistent, pulsing soundtrack captures the gritty vibrancy of urban Rome. With satisfying melancholy, Walking Toward explores global conflict acted out in private relationships.

This program contains visual references to violent sexual assault.

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