UK, 2011, 96 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Drama, Drugs / Addiction, Gay
Programs: Showcases, World Cinema

DIRECTOR: Andrew Haigh

Expected Guests: director Andrew Haigh

West Coast Premiere

A one-night stand is usually a simple and uncomplicated venture. For Russell and Glen, their hook up at a dance club is anything but.

Russell is the type of gay man who prefers to keep his sexuality under wraps. He’s a loner in search of that special man who will love him, but he can’t break free from needing to fit in with his straight friends. Glen is the polar opposite: he’s completely open to experiencing what gay life has to offer. As an artist, Glen rebuffs the hypocrisy of gays trying to assimilate into established institutions of straight society. While he is continually looking for sexual intimacy, Glen is dead set against any type of commitment. In his words, “I don’t do boyfriend.”

As these two unlikely companions spend the weekend talking, having sex, drinking and taking drugs, they challenge each other’s delicately protected zone of comfort. From bedroom to bar, they can’t ignore the intimate connection that’s pulling each closer to the other. But they know the weekend will eventually come to an end. Will their newfound love reach a similar fate?

Weekend was one of the opening films at SXSW in March and received quite the buzz at the Austin festival, even garnering an audience award for its director Andrew Haigh. It is both an honest and unapologetic love story between two guys and a film about making a passionate commitment to life.

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