Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same
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Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same

USA, 2011, 70 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Comedy, Lesbian, Sci-Fi / Horror / Fantasy
Program: U.S. Features

DIRECTOR: Madeleine Olnek

Expected Guests: director Madeleine Olnek and actors Lisa Haas, Susan Ziegler, & Jackie Monahan

Danger! The ozone layer of planet Zots is disappearing due to an overabundance of emotion! What can a lesbian space alien do to save her world? Well, board a flying saucer of course, and take a trip to New York City (it’s on planet Earth), where hearts will be broken and “big feelings” will be overcome.

From the out-of-this-world people who brought you Frameline favorite shorts Dyke Dollar, Countertransference, and Hold Up comes the tale of codependent Barr, promiscuous Zylar, and sweet Zoinx, three shiny-headed space aliens on a mission of heartbreak. Zylar has mastered online dating, and clingy Barr seems interested in whatever Zylar is doing. Zoinx goes old school, romancing lonely stationary store employee Jane (Lisa Haas, Dyke Dollar herself), who has never had a lot of luck with the human ladies. Kindred spirits Jane and Zoinx take trips to Coney Island and dance awkwardly at nightclubs. But can their love survive the trials and tribulations of intergalactic romance?

With the low-fi kitsch of 50s B movies, director Madeleine Olnek embraces what sci-fi fans have known for years—outer space is the perfect setting for the final frontier of relationship drama. Soup up your cardboard spaceship, put on your tinfoil hat, and find the nearest wormhole to claim your seats for the hilarious Sundance hit Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same.


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