Harvest  {Stadt Land Fluss}

Stadt Land Fluss

Germany, 2011, 85 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Coming Out, Drama, Gay, Youth
Program: World Cinema
Language: in German with English subtitles

DIRECTOR: Benjamin Cantu

According to his cohort of apprentices on a German farm, Marko is an enigma. He’s withdrawn from his fellow students, he doesn’t drink alcohol, and he lives alone. Rigorous in his hands-on studies and unmotivated in other academic pursuits, he’s listless about his future, unsure if he even actually wants to be a farmer. It takes a new apprentice, Jakob, to pull him from his shell.

With adorable curls and an easy smile, Jakob jumps right into the work. He seems to have his head in the clouds, but his humor and sweetness allow him to get through to Marko. In turn, Marko steals increasingly bold glances at his handsome colleague. Their languid, agonizing crush comes to fruition with an urgent kiss in the barn. Emotionally overwhelmed, Marko tries to keep his distance from Jakob. But when the two country mice escape together to the big city, they spend a revealing night together that cements their endearingly clumsy love.

Breathtaking visuals capture a lush landscape in the height of summer. Director Benjamin Cantu shot on an actual farm with a program for adolescents studying agriculture. Apart from the two fantastic leads, every character actually works on the farm, including the farm’s personnel, allowing for a seamless casual tone and a feeling of utter authenticity. If you’ve been waiting for a rural love story without the usual clichés, Harvest delivers with an abundance of romance.

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