With You

With You

USA, 2011, 75 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Biography / History, Documentary, Gay, Local Filmmakers / Subjects, Sports
Program: Documentaries

DIRECTOR: Scott Gracheff

Sneak Preview

Expected Guests: director Scott Gracheff and subject Alice Hoagland

With You is the true story of Mark Bingham and his mother, the indomitable Alice Hoagland. As a rugby player in high school, at Cal, then with the San Francisco Fog, Mark inspired others to live life with authenticity. His death aboard United Flight 93 on September 11, 2001, cut short a beautiful life, inspired his mother to action, and reminded a country that wherever heroes are, gay people are among them.

From a turbulent childhood, Mark protected his mother from worry—about a broken leg, an arrest, and various pranks. A teen with a penchant for making elaborate, goofy videos, we catch a glimpse of the unique charisma that earned Mark lifelong friends. High school friends, college friends, fraternity brothers, partners, family, and his “gay parents” reminisce about Mark, tracing his life up until September 11. With wrenching clarity, those closest to him recall the last moments they saw or spoke with him. Alice heartbreakingly tells of the phone call she received from the plane before the line went quiet.

Devastated by her loss but inspired by the memory of her son, Alice, a former United Airlines flight attendant, became a nationally-known authority on airline safety and a champion of LGBT rights across the country. Alice, who will attend this screening, is beloved by the gay rugby community and reminds them that Mark is always by their side in this compelling portrait of private grief in the midst of public devastation.


Co-presented by:

SF Fog Rugby Football Club
San Francisco Movie Bears



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