The Mouth of the Wolf

The Mouth of the Wolf

Italy, 2009, 76 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Documentary, Drama, Drugs / Addiction, Experimental, Male-to-Female, Transgender
Programs: Documentaries, Transgender Film Focus
Language: in Italian with English subtitles

DIRECTOR: Pietro Marcello

The Mouth of the Wolf is a lyrical piece of “docu-fiction,” a combination of documentary and melodrama that retells the true love story of Enzo and Mary. Enzo has just returned to Genoa after serving twenty years in prison for shooting two police officers. Mary is a transwoman and an ex-convict herself. Enzo’s lifelong companion promised to wait for him. But how much can change in twenty years?

Upon his return to Genoa, Enzo crosses the city in search of places he remembers from before his crime, but they have invariably been changed by the passage of time. Mary waits for Enzo at a small house in the ghetto of the old city. Their relationship is laced with menace and threats, but they cling to each other in a rapidly-changing place. Archival footage brings to life the past and present of Genoa, showing the dark corners and the city’s most marginalized citizens.

Supremely beautiful, the film honors an unconventional love story with respect. The film’s origins only add to the magic of this cinematic experience. The piece was commissioned by the Fondazione San Marcellino, a branch of the Jesuit brotherhood who have worked since 1945 to help the marginalized and sick of Genoa. An artistic achievement beyond that, this film certainly continues their work with grace.

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