The Evening Dress  {La Robe Du Soir}

The Evening Dress
La Robe Du Soir

France, 2009, 96 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Drama, Gender, Lesbian, Parenting / Family, Youth
Program: World Cinema
Language: in French with English subtitles

DIRECTOR: Myriam Aziza

What is it about sexual awakening and obsession that makes them fit so well together? Twelve-year-old Juliette is irresistibly drawn to her French teacher, Madame Solenska. But when the teacher’s affection seems to be waning, how far will Juliette go to take revenge?

Living in a housing development outside Paris with her two brothers and single mom, Juliette spends much of her time alone, trying out ways to act older. Her teacher lends Juliette a personal copy of The Lacemaker, a novel with a cover picture of a nude young woman, facing away and walking into the ocean. Juliette goes over every inch of the book, finding a smudged inscription, a hint of the teacher’s scent, and a single strand of hair. But classmate Antoine also seems to have a special relationship with Madame Solenska. As Juliette sinks further into her obsession, she tells herself a fabricated story of betrayal, based on her own jealousy and insecurity. But her uncontrollable outbursts end up hurting more people than she anticipated.

Director Myriam Aziza has produced a confident film, with extraordinary performances from the youngsters in her cast. Young actress Alba Gaia Bellugi is entrancing as Juliette, showing depth and subtlety well beyond her years. Aziza’s color palette provides a vivid backdrop for a tense and intriguing story.

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