Germany, 2011, 94 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Discrimination, Drama, Female-to-Male, Gay, Gender, Transgender, Youth
Programs: Transgender Film Focus, World Cinema
Language: in German with English subtitles

DIRECTOR: Sabine Bernardi

A sweltering German summer is the perfect backdrop for Romeos, a rich story of coming into one’s own. Lukas just turned twenty, just showed up for his year of civil service, just finished his twenty-fifth shot of testosterone, and is saving up for surgery. Life is looking good. But when he’s mistakenly assigned to a women’s dorm and as he falls for a hot guy, it gets harder to keep his secret under wraps.

Girls surround Lukas, including his childhood friend and wingman, Ine. But Romeos is all about the boys. Fabio, the hyper-masculine object of Lukas’s affection, runs hot and cold, but their chemistry undeniably steams up the screen – until a birthday visit from Lukas’s family throws everything off balance. Blonde Sven is a caring new friend, but a drunken night turns into a dangerous hookup. As he gains confidence, Lukas starts ignoring Ine, who’s having romantic troubles herself. When he needs support, he’s suddenly alone. Will Lukas’s hormones get the best of him? Can he find a true connection?

Director Sabine Bernardi adds intensity to beautiful camerawork with deeply saturated colors, and her deft pacing gives lingering looks and quiet moments time to fully develop. Rick Okon plays Lukas with raw physicality, as both standoffish and magnetic. Okon sparks with the rest of the charismatic cast, especially Maximilian Befort as the conflicted and charming Fabio. Romeos resonates with outstanding storytelling, balancing sweetness and authenticity.


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