Fun In Boys Shorts

Our annual crowd-pleasing favorite of best of men’s comic shorts takes us to a couple of backyards in Los Angeles and Australia, a couple of front yards in Canada, a Bronx prom night, and a New York City apartment where someone loses his virginity during a holiday celebration.

We kick off this year’s program with Vince and Daniel who each week attend Couples Therapy, and each week they have something to talk about. From Australia, we start with Two Guys in a Backyard where a man puts his friendship on the line during a backyard sparring session. Four Pounds is the story of an actor (Scott Thompson from Kids in the Hall) who focuses his considerable will to the goal of losing some weight. Prom night in the South Bronx, Michael is in for an evening of hilarity and hope as he decides whether or not to ‘kick it’ to his high school Crush. In 33 Teeth, Eddie accidentally spies upon his attractive neighbor, Chad, as he steps out of the shower with a red comb. A cartoon character goes to therapy because he feels rejected in a ‘live-action’ world that dislikes those who are different in Unanimated. When William's family joins their oddball guests, Friday nights are not as boring as usual in Shabbat Dinner. And we end our program with Alone with Mr. Carter where John dreams of becoming a cop and wants to confide in his neighbor that he is secretly in love with him—but time is of the essence as Mr. Carter is going away forever.

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