89 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Music / Music Video, Transgender
Program: Shorts Programs

From the fashionable stylings of burly transmen to animated fairy tales to the first music video by local folk-twang singer/songwriter StormMiguel Florez, this year’s crop of Transtastic! films feature an exciting and eclectic representation of our trans community.

Interweaving the aesthetics of science with the dreamlike quality of myth, 36A tells an original story of transformation and discovery. In My Inner Turmoil, an Indian woman faces angst as she navigates living life in 2 genders. Lili Longed to Feel Her Insides is a short fairy tale inspired by the life of pioneer trans woman Lili Elbe. Animated nocturnal emissions never looked so sexy as in the inspiring DIY meditation on self-love and strength, Strong and Dreaming. A transgender man dons and sheds a closetful of sweaters at maximum speed in the tragicomic Threadbare. Set against an impressionistic backdrop, Oscillare follows Alyson Bowles along the remnants of the golden dream—abandoned fields, fast-food parking lots, and the sun-bleached borderlands between reality and desire. A teenage prostitute must take creative measures to escape a brothel when her secret is discovered in Nisa. With haunting suburban visuals backed by the rich sounds of Toronto based-band Ohbijou, Akin powerfully examines the silent secrets of a shared past. Twenty-one-year-old hairdresser Phyo Lay provides a rare glimpse into the emergent gay community in Burmese Butterfly. Folk-twang singer/songwriter StormMiguel Florez drinks deep to forget in his first music video, featuring SF queer and trans celebrities and zombies.


Co-presented by:
San Francisco Transgender Film Festival

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