Bay Area Buffet

Bay Area Buffet

96 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Bear, Butch / Femme Issues, Coming Out, Discrimination, Drag, Local Filmmakers / Subjects, Parenting / Family, Youth
Program: Shorts Programs

From the drag queens and bears of the Castro to the butches of Oakland, this year’s local cinematic smorgasbord provides a little something for any queer Bay Area film lover.

Any Bay Area queer with a go bag will identify with director Laura Green’s preoccupation with earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural phenomena, in Disaster (a personal geography). Local director Shani Heckman America’s Most Unwanted reveals the lives of foster youth and exposes the homophobia in the foster care system. In Love is Not Enough, Eric must choose whether to stay with his polyamorous boyfriend, Conrad, after Conrad decides to share his love with another man. A young man’s emotional attachments are put to the test after discovering his lover's lifeless body in Blood Flow. The Bears of San Francisco are celebrated from beard to toe in a celebration of furry masculinity. How does a dating site user’s choice of words impact HIV-positive men? Ub2 debates the true meanings of terms such as “clean” or “disease-free” in the dating lexicon. The drag culture of San Francisco is examined in a doc featuring local performers sure to tickle your pickle in Off Castro--concept by Sarah Willis. Queers on a Boat begs the question, “how queer is a parody of a parody?” Finally, we travel across the Bay for the Dyke Central Pilot as butches Alex and Gin search for a third roomie, and newcomer Fabiana sets out to discover the real Oakland.


Co-presented by:
Oakland Underground Film Festival

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