Fly By Night

Fly By Night

85 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Asian / Pacific Islander, Drag, Gay, Pacific Islander, South Asian
Program: Shorts Programs

This wonderful shorts program is an eclectic collection containing dramatic and comic stories about the sorrows and joys of our lives and how it affects our lovers, our families and our friends.

A couple’s love for one another has disintegrated into indifference and betrayal in Entwine. Danny must face this dilemma and question his commitment to a stale relationship; however, the continuing comfort of companionship and familiarity might not be worth the despair. Raymond is a terminally ill gay man who comes home to seek forgiveness from the lover he abandoned, but redemption comes from an unlikely source. In Empire, Rick and Sage evaluate their commitment to one another when one of them decides to join the armed services. Jiro Onuma worked in the prison mess hall along side muscular men, and Looking for Jiro is a musical mash-up video featuring drag king performance, U.S. propaganda footage, muscle building and homo-erotic bread making. In Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks, a traditional Chinese father struggles to cope with his son’s sexuality, which then takes an absurd and comical turn for the worse. A Song of Despair is about a couple deciding on the future of their relationship. Lastly, a young man has a sexual relationship with another man for money in Fly By Night, while he tries to not let on to his older brother what he’s up to.


Co-presented by:
DIVA (Diverse Inclusionary Visual Artists)

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