It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated

90 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Gay, Lesbian
Program: Shorts Programs

Whether you have been together for years or mere hours, relationships can be nerve-racking, confusing and downright strange. For anyone who has ever felt completely lost in the world of dating, may you find refuge in these tales of the awkward moments that haunt those of us who have ever been in love (or lust.) In 2nd Best, a pesky set of IKEA furniture and an empty fridge test the patience of one couple. Tristan and Zooey hope to reconnect on a road trip with their fluffy cat Stephen, but can they find what they’re looking for at “The Thing?” What is left to say between Lucas and Arthur as they learn to navigate the space left in a relationship that is no more When Night Falls Silent. In Battlefield, the emotional negotiation of a one-night stand provides a contemporary snapshot of single-serve love and gay men’s desire for more. Finally, in A Safe Place for the Wild, couple Elisa and Klara share an intimate relationship with next door neighbor Maryam. Together with some friends, they tear down the wall between their two apartments, and the house warming party turns into a chaotic swirl of dancing, longing and desire.


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