Love Free or Die

DIRECTOR: Macky Alston

Expected guests: director Macky Alston, subject Bishop Gene Robinson

Director Macky Alston (Questioning Faith, Frameline26) and producer Sandra Itkoff (The Killer Within) bring to life the riveting story of Gene Robinson and the Episcopal Church at a crossroads. As the first openly gay and partnered Episcopal bishop, Robinson leads the fight for LGBT justice as the Church threatens to split over the controversy. Shall they bless same-sex unions and consecrate more partnered LGBT bishops? Or hew closer to scripture and welcome only LGBT celibates?

In 2003, Gene Robinson was ordained a bishop in fiercely independent New Hampshire. He wore bulletproof gear under his vestments. This humble family man is recast as a spiritual warrior, strengthened by the holy love he shares with his partner Mark, who has helped raise his daughters. This daily love and unwavering faith bolster him and his allies to undo the harm their church has done.

At the 2008 international gathering of the Anglican Communion and Episcopal Church, Robinson is banned from officially participating or even speaking casually with his fellow bishops. He instead meets with other exiles in a London HIV support organization and preaches at a sympathetic church; but even there, he is confronted by a shouting fundamentalist. Meanwhile, the Communion is advised to neither consecrate any more LGBT bishops nor bless any more same-sex relationships.

After some Episcopal Church leaders split to join more conservative Christian orders, Love Free or Die builds to a gloriously moving crescendo at the 2009 General Convention. Will love triumph over fear to spur this hallowed institution to grow with the times?


AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: D220

Co-presented by:
BAVC - Bay Area Video Coalition

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