DIRECTOR: Jonathan Lisecki

Expected guests: director Jonathan Lisecki, actor Matthew Wilkas

What happens when a straight girl and her best gay male friend’s biological clocks both kick into overdrive, but there’s no romantic partner on the horizon for either of them? Jenn, self described “hag since birth” and her gay BFF Matt find themselves in their thirties, single and dealing with a frustrating dating scene in New York City. Jenn’s career teaching hot yoga is ready to blossom like a lotus flower while Matt’s comic book store serves as the meeting ground for the superhero set. Remembering a pact they made in college, they decide to jumpstart adulthood by having a child together. Distrustful of doctors and fertility treatments, they agree to approach things “the old fashioned way” Matt’s desperate attempts to get over his ex-boyfriend, Jenn’s herbally enhanced sex drive, and their own awkward attempts to conceive lead to some of the most hilarious sex scenes since Bridesmaids. Faced with the challenges of creating their family, Jenn and Matt resort to the help of their newly turned bear friend, Nelson and his dead cat. But gay or straight, those embarking on the journey to parenthood are in for a few surprises.

Based on the award-winning short by the same name (Frameline34), director Jonathan Lisecki brings his unique brand of irreverent humor to offer a delightfully contemporary twist on the romantic comedy. In Lisecki’s own words “Come for the sex, stay for the laughs. That's how most of my relationships have gone, now that I think of it.”


This film is a Frameline Completion Fund recipient.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F113

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