My Best Day

DIRECTOR: Erin Greenwell

Expected guest: director Erin Greenwell

At Hank’s Refrigeration on the 4th of July, cute receptionist Karen unexpectedly gets a call from what could be her long-lost father. She hasn’t seen him or her sister since her parents divorced, so with her dykey friend Megan (Ashlie Atkinson aka “Muffler” from Another Gay Movie) in tow, she rides out on a motorcycle to his trailer park hoping for an all-American family reunion. Instead she finds her sister with a wicked gambling problem, her dad’s closeted down-and-out live-in boyfriend, and a pre-teen stepbrother who rolls around in his wrestling outfit while not out romancing the town vegetarian.

Writer/director Erin Greenwell (Mom, Frameline30) takes us on an unexpected journey of mishaps, fireworks, and poignant realizations alongside an ensemble of outsiders in her latest feature that had its world premiere at Sundance 2012. Nailing the deadpan dialogue of its quirky small town inhabitants (Napoleon Dynamite could be their neighbor), My Best Day is a funny and reflective romp—the kind of sweet indie film that makes you want to put your arm out the car window, feel the sticky summer breeze, and hope for a day that just might be your best.


AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F133

Co-presented by:
Women's Film Institute

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