Love or Whatever

DIRECTOR: Rosser Goodman

Expected guests: director Rosser Goodman, actor Tyler Poelle, Writers Dennis Bush and Cait Brennan, producer Gio Messale

Looking for a rom-com for the boys and the girls alike? Look no further an Rosser Goodman's (Holding Trevor) latest delight, Love or Whatever. Anal-retentive Corey has his life going exactly to plan, with a bustling career as a therapist and a hot boyfriend. But when young Jon learns of Corey’s plans for “the future” he leaves him for a woman, sending Corey on a downward spiral. As the pieces of Corey’s life fall out of his control he leans on his quirky lesbian sister for guidance on his journey of self-discovery and search for true love.

After a series of comically discouraging first dates, including a schizophrenic puppeteer, Corey is on the verge of giving up. Making matters worse, Corey discovers that one of his patients is the woman he got dumped for! Fortunately Kelsey is there to teach him the mantra of twenty-first century gay “dating,” Grindr. It’s not long before the man he’s lusting after, Pete, pops up on the screen, and with only one-hundred feet between them Corey gets his grind on. But just as Corey is learning to put his spreadsheets away and live his life, he’s thrown off course when Jon wants him back. Torn between the comfort of the familiar and the man of his dreams, Corey has to decide if he’ll fight for love or settle for whatever. Filled with great lines, hot guys and a plot most of us can far too easily relate to, Love or Whatever is an entertaining and delightful comedy.


AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F125

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