DIRECTOR: Zoltan Paul

A chance encounter between two lesbian couples on a bucolic lake leads first to friendship, then flirtation and finally the raw exposure of relationship rifts—assisted by generous amounts of wine, beer and pot.

Rosa makes her living on the lake, setting fish traps; students Evi and Olivia are canoe-camping, when they steal a fish for supper. At first irate, Rosa relents and shares dinner with the pair—and a kiss with Evi. Then Rosa’s urbane girlfriend, Kirsten, gets into the act, with an invitation to the younger couple to stay at her stunning lakeside house.

All seems idyllic as the two couples engage in some sisterly bonding and compare notes on their respective relationships. But there are dangerous undercurrents just below the tranquil surface. The younger couple’s casual questions about Rosa and Kirsten’s relationship rock the boat for Rosa, who longs for more than Kirsten is willing to give. Meanwhile, Evi’s interest in Rosa becomes more blatant, as she cozies up to the broodingly beautiful fisherwoman practically in full view of Olivia and Kirsten.

Four sexy leads show more than just skin in this leisurely, lakeside weekend, as they explore the boundaries of modern lesbian romance. The supple, swooping camera makes it clear that nothing is for certain in today’s queer world, where marriage, kids and open relationships are all on the menu.


In German with English subtitles.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F111

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