I Do

DIRECTOR: Glenn Gaylord

Expected guests: director Glenn Gaylord, writer/actor David W. Ross, Producer Stephen Israel

Special Sneak Preview!

Family is everything to Jack and on the night of his brother’s death he’s emotionally broken. Seven years later he devotes his life to taking care of his sister-in-law Mya (indie actress Alicia Witt) and niece Tara, the only family he has left. But when his worker’s visa is denied and deportation to his native England seems imminent Jack is forced to do what any gay man would be tempted to, marry his bestie Ali (Jamie-Lynn Sigler of The Sopranos fame) to get his green card and stay in New York with his family.

After a quick cookie cutter wedding and moving Ali into his place, things seem to be right back on track. Jack returns to focusing his attentions on his brother’s family, until he meets Mano, a U.S.-born (and therefore American citizen), sexy Spaniard (Maurice Compte) who fills the void of the love interest Jack hadn’t allowed himself to enjoy before. As Jack’s attentions lean increasingly toward Mano, his world begins to shift.

The film cleverly examines the complications of immigration issues in the absence of marriage equality for LGBT people on a Federal level. After a tough first interview with I.N.S. (and a talk with her ex) Ali fears imprisonment. Ali, feeling ignored and growing resentful of their marriage, plans to file for divorce before Jack has gotten his green card.

As Jack searches for a new wife, the situation becomes more challenging when Mano must return to Spain for family crisis. Heart-wrenching decisions have to be made. He can move to Spain and have a legally binding marriage with Mano, but he’d have to leave behind the family he has created in the U.S. Director Glenn Gaylord (writer of Leave It on the Floor, Frameline35) helms this beautiful ensemble family drama and multi-talented screenwriter David W. Ross shines as Jack who must listen to his heart and decide just how he wants to live his own life.


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