White Night

A mesmerizing exploration of painful memories and dangerous obsession, White Night is the latest film from South Korean filmmaker LeeSong Hee-il, whose first feature film, No Regret, was a milestone in Korean gay cinema. The hypnotic story is based on real-life events and centers on Won-gyu, a stoic flight attendant who returns to Korea after two years of self-imposed exile in Germany. Wandering the intricate streets of Seoul, Won-gyu has a lifetime of experiences in one night, including a passionate encounter with a striking stranger. As the evening unfolds, Won-gyu wanders in and out of surreal situations that lead to profound, unsettling discoveries about a past he can’t forget.

Filmmaker LeeSong Hee-il is a master of mood and atmosphere. His calm, confident cinematic eye captures the emotional weight of each scene without intruding on the subtle action. The result is a contemporary film noir, filled with unforgettable images and complex characters, that focuses on real-world issues such as homophobia in South Korean society, while capturing the arresting and disturbing exploration of one man’s struggle with his personal demons. White Night is the kind of understated, poetic film that creeps up on you, burrows into your psyche, and stays with you after the final frame.


Co-presented by:
Center for Asian American Media (CAAM)
Gay Asian Pacific Alliance (GAPA)

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