Seventh-Gay Adventists

Expected to attend: directors Daneen Akers & Stephen Eyer and subjects Marcos Apolonio, Obed Vasquez, David & Colin Evans-Carlson and Sherri & Jill Babcock.

This is a powerful moment for LGBT people of faith, as modern acceptance of sexual identity clashes with homophobic scriptures. This compelling tale follows three queer Seventh-day Adventists, two who are survivors of ex-gay therapy, who long for belonging and home in the insular Seventh-day Adventist church.

Sherri, her partner Jill, and their two daughters keep a low profile at their church, quietly building alliances while understanding that at any time they could be thrown out. The tension is heightened as the church seeks a new pastor. David is a young man whose family serves in the church. He feels caught between being at peace with God and being at peace with himself. He chooses a middle path, falls in love with Colin, and finds an open alternative church for fellowship. David follows his heart and his faith to resolve the contradictions. Marcos had a wife, two kids, and his dream job as a Seventh-day Adventist pastor in Brazil. Outed and stripped of his ministry, he eventually accepted himself as a gay man. He moved to the Bay Area, raised his son, and found a loving partner, Obed. They set out to secure asylum for Marcos and his son, citing deadly homophobia in Brazil. As Marcos finds worship with other LGBT Adventists, his dormant leadership as a pastor is reawakened.

By showing up authentically, Sherri, David, and Marcos are changing their communities and calling forth Christian values of love and compassion.


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