Dating is a Contact Sport

Grab your sweatpants and backwards hat and head to this quartet of wisely comic shorts featuring sports dykes, sex toys, and some good-natured training in the ways of proper spanking.

In Click, when die-hard romantic Darcy gets her heart broken on her 30th birthday, her friends rally round to help her recover. Mayhem ensues in Chew’s (Falling for Caroline) modern, fun, romantic comedy about lesbian dating drama, and trying to find a date that clicks.

Nikki is a German math nerd whose world consists almost entirely of numbers and equations; to widen her circle of seclusion beyond Pi, she tries out for the American football team at her school. Her eyes are opened to the seriously Sapphic world from the steamy locker room to the rough-and-tumble field of The Mermaids.

Web series, F to 7TH, follows Ingrid, the not-quite-butch-not-quite-femme, as she tries to adjust to a world where new conceptions of gender and sexuality have left her old-fashioned lesbianism behind. A spin-off of the web series, The Slope, F to 7TH features guest appearances by Ashlie Atkinson and Amy Sedaris. Wry humor, tight scripts, and impeccable comic timing make this Brooklyn-based ensemble sizzle as the characters are confronted with ever-escalating heights of awkwardness.

It Gets Bitter is a hilariously refreshing, albeit cynical, take on Dan Savage's online video campaign by the Codependent Lesbian Team.

Co-presented by:
Women's Film Institute

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