Fun in Girls Shorts

Texting disasters, dugout banter, post-Pussy Riot Russian rockers, mermaid dreams, sexy neighbors, tough girls in hijabs, and one pushy girlfriend are all along for the ride—check your baggage at the gate for this solid collection of queer women’s shorts!

When commiserating in the bathroom goes wrong The First Date sweetly captures the awkwardness and excitement of new love. A web-series spin-off F To 7th follows Ingrid’s descent into middle-age, as she struggles to adjust to a world that has left her old-fashioned lesbianism behind. Moscow 2012: Nobody is out in The Beginning. Inspired by a carnivalesque silent film, a musician dreams of running away with a mermaid in For You the Spring. Good Neighbors: they lend you sugar, let your dog out and sometimes make for sexy bedfellows! Rough and tumble KJ has a secret she keeps hidden from the world in Fighting for Air. In Genderfreak, we find out what happens when violinist Rachel, the token straight friend in her group, meets a hot genderqueer teenager named Sammy, who happens to play guitar. Natives is a dark comedy about a girl so fascinated with her girlfriend's Native American roots that she begins to lose sight of their relationship.


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