Rats in Glitter

From psychiatric evaluations to avant-garde karaoke music videos, these dancers, directors, activists, and deserters endeavor to get things right (or defiantly wrong) in this multifarious selection of experimental short films. Interweaving the high and the low, these films incorporate a wide range of aesthetics and storytelling devices to explore an idea, celebrate a moment, or pose a deceptively simple question. The performance artist Narcississter spins, poses, and works her way into the ideal woman in Every Woman. Suicide! Car crashes! An evil twin! embody the drama of Sinaki's Pop!, set in the consumer glamour of 1960s Tehran. An all-encompassing jam session of musicians, dancers, and artists lets loose in Free Jazz Part 1 & 2. All this and more, in a selection of 13 short and explosive films that abandon ship, burn down the fort, and haunt the home they grew up in.


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