Blood in the Grass

Not for the faint of heart—but definitely for conspiracy theorists and those who appreciate a good story with terror and mystery. This eclectic program contains strange and haunting short films about dystopian worlds, a true crime story, and a disturbing thriller. In The Naturalist, Simon, a gay man living in a genetically modified society where imperfection is punishable by death, has the chance to alter his sexuality. Simon must weigh his loving relationship against his survival. In an alternate American future, the family members of murder victims are allowed to personally execute their loved ones’ killer in Blood In The Grass. In We Are Animals, the government carries out a barrage of frightening regulations such as enforcing quarantines, reinstating sodomy laws, and encouraging gay men to take a prescription drug that suppresses their libido. Based on a true story that took place in rural Alabama, a young gay man is brutally murdered by his friend in The Buried. Elliot is confronted with his inability to form long-lasting relationships and reaches his limit in Little Man. His brother shows up at his doorstep, and at the same time, an odd neighbor living upstairs starts spying on him and making strange noises at all hours of the night.


This film contains graphic violence.

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