Lewd & Lascivious

Expected to attend: director Dr. Jallen Rix.

Archival footage from the 1950s and ’60s, and frank interviews bring queer San Francisco history to life amidst the era’s anti-war protests—pre-Compton and pre-Stonewall. A group of ministers go bar-hopping on Polk Street in hopes of doing outreach to the gay community. They also meet with the Mattachine Society and Daughters of Bilitis. This is particularly striking because homosexual activity was still illegal at this time; we were still outlaws, for dancing together—you were jailed, vilified, and at risk of losing your job. Police regularly raided gay bars; corrupt officers were known to severely beat detainees. This would all change due to a New Year’s 1965 Mardi Gras Costume Ball, which the ministers and the six lesbian and gay organizations threw together at California Hall. Activists share their eyewitness accounts of this night that would spark monumental changes in the gay civil rights landscape nationally and locally within the SFPD.




This simply gorgeous short about death, nostalgia, and digging through old family memories is hauntingly touching, and truly tender. Returning to the family home upon the death of her grandfather, young Violet finds someone from his past: a mysterious man named Franklin. Violet investigates deeper and the film delicately weaves old and recreated footage set to a wonderful soundtrack to recount the hidden life her grandfather had left clues for her to find.

Co-presented by:
GLBT Historical Society

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