One Zero One—The Story of Cybersissy & BayBjane
One Zero One—Die Geschichte von Cybersissy & BayBjane

DIRECTOR: Tim Lienhard

Expected to attend: director Tim Lienhard.

If you can imagine a meticulously stylized, kitschy-yet-glamorous burlesque drag show under the big top that draws its inspiration from Divine, a What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?–era Bette Davis, and Leigh Bowery, then you have a pretty good introduction to the fantastical world of drag artists Antoine “Cybersissy” Timmermans and Mourad “BayBjane” Zerhouni. With a visually lavish mix of candid interviews and extravagant performance pieces, Tim Lienhard’s One Zero One takes a unique approach to documenting these two performers, balancing the sometimes cruel reality of their lives with the glorious spectacle of their drag personas.

Born with a number of physical disabilities, Zerhouni, known as “the smallest drag queen in the world,” has spent a good portion of his life hospitalized. Battling schizophrenia, Timmermans is also no stranger to hospitals, and yet despite these setbacks, they manage to inspire each other’s imagination and style, artfully exploring the things that set them apart. One Zero One follows them on tour throughout the globe, from decadent street processions in Ibiza to New York City club appearances with Amanda Lepore. Inspiration that eludes description—Cybersissy & BabyBjane ensure that “everything lives in the gentlest peace” and in full glamorous color.




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