Free Fall
Freier Fall

DIRECTOR: Stephen Lacant

In this moving and sexy drama, two German police cadets embark on a passionate affair, which has far-reaching effects on their friends and loved ones. Marc, a young officer with a pregnant girlfriend named Bettina, finds himself drawn to his rebellious and studly roommate Kay as they are put through their paces during training.

As they share joints, forbidden swims, and runs in the forest, a palpable chemistry arises between the two, and it creates a roiling tension within the heretofore-heterosexual Marc. The feelings deepen when Kay unexpectedly transfers to Marc’s department and a full-blown yet turbulent romance develops. Free Fall depicts, in admirably compact fashion, the concatenating effect the two men’s relationship has on others. Marc’s increased and unexplained absences begin to wear on Bettina, while Kay faces homophobia in the department when he is spotted in a local gay bar.

Hanno Koffler, as Marc, is particularly compelling, expertly showing the strain of being torn between two lovers and the pressures of incipient fatherhood. He shares a palpable chemistry with Max Riemelt, who plays Kay. Director and co-writer Stephan Lacant showcases the peculiar blend of homoeroticism and homophobia that exists in a mostly male environment like a police force. Most refreshing of all is that no one is an out-and-out villain in the film, except perhaps a society that hinders people like Marc from being their true and fully realized selves.


In German with English subtitles.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F111

Co-presented by:
Goethe Institute of San Francisco

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