Sexual Tension: Violetas
Tensión Sexual: Violetas

DIRECTORS: Marco Berger, Marcelo Monaco

After Sexual Tension: Volatile, a collection of shorts about queer male sexual tension, Argentinian directors Marco Berger and Marcelo Mónaco return with the second installment in the series, Sexual Tension: Violetas, composed of six short films that explore the erotically charged relationships between young women and how they explode into sensual and sexual encounters

In an Argentine youth hostel, a butch traveler has missed her train and now has nowhere to spend the night. After some serious cruising, a flirtatious femme invites her to share her room; what follows is a steamy and passionate night. Longtime friends blur a line they hadn’t previously crossed in their relationship. In another short, female escorts bond intimately after a night with a male client. This omnibus establishes a world where men simply cannot compete sexually, and boyfriends are pushed to the side, while a fling is being illicitly consummated in a restaurant bathroom.

Often humorous and always delightful, the stories build tension in these tenuous connections that develop into enticing adventures. In the daydreams, the fantasies, and the small caressing gestures that open the door to the unexplored, there is an atmosphere of desire, deep bonding, and intimacy between these women. It is the sheer force of these electrifying interactions that makes them forget the staleness of their otherwise conventional relationships and plunge them into fun, lustful affairs.


In Spanish with English subtitles.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F131

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