The Go Doc Project

DIRECTOR: Cory Krueckeberg

Expected to attend: director/screenwriter Cory Krueckeberg and producer Tom Gustafson.

The line between online lust and real-world love is blurred when an introverted young man befriends the magnetic go-go boy of his fantasies under the pretense of making a documentary about the gay New York City nightlife scene. The film follows a sexually conservative college student, wonderfully played by Tanner Cohen (Were the World Mine, Frameline32, whose director Tom Gustafson produced The Go Doc Project). Our lead enjoys getting his rocks off during chat sessions with online followers. Calling himself Doc, he drunkenly emails Go (charmingly portrayed by Matthew Camp, a real-life NYC go-go dancer and tattoo artist) who dances for dollars at nightclubs. The dancer soon agrees to be Doc’s muse and they begin to document nearly every moment, including some Q&A sessions on sex and what it means to be young and gay in today’s fame-hungry culture. Viewers will be enthralled by the relationship’s evolution as cameras voyeuristically document their most intimate moments, but Doc gets way more than he bargained for after Go charms the pants off him, and he starts falling hard for his human objet d’art.

This low-budget yet highly assured feature was conceived by director Cory James Krueckeberg as an experimental documentary-narrative hybrid—made entirely with a webcam, iPhone, and a small HD camera, with much of the footage shot by the two lead actors. It’s a triumph of inventive editing and gives a refreshing jolt to the standard coming-of-age genre.


AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F113

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