Worldly Women

Delight and excite your senses with this sumptuous feast of international women’s shorts—from Senegal, Malaysia, Poland, South Korea, and Germany.

Set in a Muslim fishing village in Borneo, Jellyfish is the coming-of-age story of Danice, a fourteen-year-old fisherwoman who tastes first love with Riya—an alluring transgender woman who arrives in the village one day. Ordinary Family’s Su-young has plans to go on her first vacation with her girlfriend, Young-mi, but then she receives the news that she must visit her father—with Young-mi in tow. In Bachelorette, Stefanie attends her friend’s bachelor party, where an enticing woman sparks her interest. In The Kiss, Emilia—after an alcohol-fueled night out—wakes up in an unknown apartment next to another woman, Matylda, who claims they slept with each other. Set in beguiling Dakar, The Other Woman boldly depicts a housewife in her fifties who discovers her true self when she has to learn to accept her husband’s second wife into her home.

— Frances Wallace

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