You Go Girl! Queer Women of Color Shorts

From teenage tomboys battling bullies to badass women truckers and soulful musicians, the people in these films from QWOCMAP are sure to inspire us to get it going!

Tracing 40 years, History of SFWAR honors the role that San Francisco Women Against Rape plays in the fight to end sexual assault. A young Black Latina girl tenaciously opposes gender expectations in Girls You Know. A mixed-Latina tomboy finds her inner resilience when a popular girl bullies her in Straight Jacket. A young Black lesbian discovers community at her local LGBT Center in Finding Hope. Trucker Kitty is a badass woman trucker who shows off her driving skills. A two-spirit Native American man, Devin Howard: Potter finds self-acceptance through pottery. In Shi’ Life, a queer Diné sheep producer on the Navajo Indian Nation is concerned about imported meat. A queer Chinese-Vietnamese refugee shares the challenges of starting a family in Casey’s Hope. Two queer Asian American women run into each other everywhere, what could Possibly be their connection? An African American lesbian commits to masculine gender representation in Closet Dance. And musician and cultural activist Melanie DeMore, an African American lesbian, brings her music to all in Free in Song.

Curated by Madeleine Lim, Executive Director of Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project

— Madeleine Lim

Co-presented by:
Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project

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