Eat With Me


Emma’s life is so bland that the only way she can spice it up is to add hot sauce to everything she eats. A middle-aged empty nester, she leaves her loveless marriage and winds up crashing in her son Elliot’s apartment. Elliot (Teddy Chen Culver) runs the family restaurant, a floundering Chinese greasy spoon. But mother and son have grown apart over the years. Emma is old-world traditional; Elliot is gay. Their one common denominator is a love of food.

Soon, however, Emma will have to confront her son’s sexuality. When Elliot meets a handsome young musician who is looking for more than a one-night stand, things come to a head. In desperation, Emma turns to Elliot’s eccentric yogi neighbor, Maureen (Nicole Sullivan of MADtv fame), who takes Emma on a hilarious odyssey of alcohol, asanas, and opening up to life. Meanwhile, Elliot, in danger of losing the restaurant, is in panic over his fear of commitment and is desperate to please his mother. Can mother and son heal their rift, rekindle their bond, and rediscover their zest for living?

Food becomes a metaphor for relating through deep nourishing sustenance in Eat With Me. Filmmaker David Au has cooked up a laugh-out-loud poignant dramedy—and a food lover’s dream. Amid a strong ensemble, Sharon Omi shines as the endearing Emma, and Sullivan is a comedic standout. And Frameline Award honoree George Takei makes a memorable appearance playing himself.

— Tim Sika

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F116

Co-presented by:
Gay Asian Pacific Alliance

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