The Third One
El Tercero

DIRECTOR: Rodrigo Guerrero

Two men connect on a gay webcam chat site. One is in his early twenties, hiding his face just out of frame so that all you can see is his sculpted torso; the other is handsome, slightly older, and sitting in his study. After a bit of naughty textual flirting, the younger man shows his face—and the older one’s partner enters the room, briefly joining the chat. When the partnered men, Franco and Hernán, manage to convince young Fede (a self-described “punk”) to come over for dinner and a three-way, it seems the film may follow the path of a run-of-the-mill porno. But Argentinean director Rodrigo Guerrero has something more profound to explore about intimacy and the notion of togetherness, as the threesome’s charged evening turns into a beautifully observed, seemingly improvisatory sequence of great food, good conversation, fine wine, and even better sex.

Filmed almost entirely in a series of exquisite long, static shots, The Third One delivers an honest, modern, and highly erotic glimpse into an unusual one-night stand between a happy couple of eight years and a curious university student. Guerrero and his trio of natural and gifted actors craft a fresh perspective—visually and narratively—on a kind of human encounter you don’t see all that often on the big screen.

— Joe Bowman

This film contains sexually explicit material.

In Spanish with English subtitles.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F137

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