Crazy Bitches

DIRECTOR: Jane Clark

Expected to attend: Director Jane Clark, Actors Guinevere Turner, Cathy DeBuono, Mary Wells, Trey McCurley, Blake Berris, Samantha Colburn, Andy Gala, Nayo Wallace, and Liz McGeever

With its remote setting in the mountains, the Benton Estate is known for being the perfect spot for a relaxing getaway—as long as you don’t mind the possibility that it’s haunted by the souls of murdered teenage girls. When seven former sorority sisters rent the property and invite their best gay, BJ, to join them for a vacation, true-crime fanboy BJ tells them the vacation rental’s history of horror upfront. Undeterred, the women settle in, excited for wine, a little nookie with the locals, and gossip with old gal pals.

And they have a lot to gossip about! New mom Alice is shocked to find out how many of her friends know about her cheating husband. Dorri, the most grounded of the bunch, is hiding a life-changing secret. Taylor, a redheaded virgin, is being chased by the lithe and sporty Cassie, who is being secretly chased by Minnie. And Princess and Belinda are just there to be, well, crazy bitches. When someone starts picking them off one by one, with methods that play on each person’s vanity, accusations start flying and the darkness in the house changes all of them.

Featuring a cast of well-known Frameline audience faves including Guinevere Turner (Go Fish, Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf?) playing the mean-spirited Belinda, Candis Cayne (Dirty Sexy Money) as the buxom mistress Vivianna, and Cathy DeBuono (And Then Came Lola, We Have to Stop Now) playing the tough and slightly oversexed Cassie, Crazy Bitches is a sexy, unpredictable scream of a slasher film.

— Angelique Smith

This film contains a scene of graphic violence.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F111

Co-presented by:
Another Hole in the Head Genre Film Festival

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