La Belle saison

DIRECTOR: Catherine Corsini

Bay Area Premiere

This 1970s-set French love story is sure to provoke a rush of nostalgia (even if you weren’t there) for that heady time when political and romantic passions intertwined. Frustrated farm girl Delphine (Izia Higelin) trades the family farm (and her family’s pressure to marry) for a job in Paris. There she discovers a group of feminist activists, and before long she’s eagerly churning out abortion rights flyers on a mimeograph machine—but the real draw is the group’s firebrand, Carole (Belgian star Cécile de France). Despite the fact that Carole has a nice lefty boyfriend, she and Delphine are soon skipping political rallies for afternoons in bed together. But when a family emergency pulls Delphine back to the farm, their relationship is challenged.

French auteur Catherine Corsini (La Répétition, Frameline26) has prepared a feast for the senses, capturing the rural beauty of France’s Massif Central region in long, serene wide shots, and representing the energy of the Parisian feminist meetings with rapid cutting. Glorious, 70s-style sex scenes—rock on the stereo, a joint or two, and lots of unabashed nudity—put the chemistry between the two stars on full display. The smart script pulls no punches. This is France in 1971, after all, and Delphine is torn between her love for Carole and her deep ties to family and farm, even if her rural community is as straitlaced as any in Kansas. Delphine’s choice won’t be easy, but the ride is sure fun.

— Monica Nolan

In French with English subtitles.

With generous support from Consulat Général de France à San Francisco.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F133

Co-presented by:
Lesbians Who Tech
Stanford Pride Alumni Association

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