Fire Song

DIRECTOR: Adam Garnet Jones

Shane is at a crossroads after a family tragedy. He can take care of his mom, go through the motions with his girlfriend, and fend off despair on the beautiful, impoverished Anishinaabe reservation in northern Ontario. Or he can use a small inheritance to go to college in Toronto and dare to live openly as a gay man, but risk losing his culture. Either way, his longing is palpable in this tough and tender coming-of-age story.

Shane’s girlfriend Tara also wants to escape from this haunted place of wild rice and waterways. But Shane would rather have his secret boyfriend go with him. David is an apprentice medicine man, so he wants to stay to continue learning from the elders. Even as the two men become closer, Shane resists his own true nature as a Two-Spirit person destined to be a visionary leader, healer, or teacher because of his special access to both male and female energy. Will they go or will they stay? The clock is ticking. With his mother paralyzed by grief and the house falling apart, Shane needs a lot more money fast but has no good way to get it. He tries to “man up,” but he discovers too late what that really means. By embracing the fullness of his Two-Spirit nature, Shane finds a surprising way forward along with his community, in this stunning feature debut by First Nations director Adam Garnet Jones.

— Carol Harada

This film contains depictions of sexual violence.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F108

Co-presented by:
Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits (BAAITS)
Consulate General of Canada

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