Front Cover


Expected to attend: Director Ray Yeung, Producer Stan Guingon, Actor Jake Choi

Set against New York City’s slick and cutthroat fashion world, this culture-clash romance is stylish, charming, and captivating from the get-go. Ryan is a twenty-something Chinese American photo stylist working for a hip and happening magazine. With his career on the rise, he works toward getting a big front cover assignment while his quirky crew of fashionista friends supports his out and proud life in the Big Apple. But when his editor assigns him to re-style Ning, a handsome breakout movie star from China, Ryan’s life turns upside down. What Ryan expects to be a simple East-to-West makeover becomes a complicated and often antagonistic relationship fueled by each man’s stubborn beliefs, cultural arrogance, obscured emotions, and simmering passion. Soon Ryan and Ning find they have more in common than a shared Chinese heritage, as life launches them onto twisting roads of discovery and self-determination.

The second feature written and directed by filmmaker Ray Yeung, Front Cover subtly confronts important issues of culture, class, and sexuality while delivering an entertaining and heartfelt story about complex people facing real challenges. Anchored by charismatic and moving performances from the two leads—Jake Choi as Ryan and James Chen as Ning—the film navigates the turbulence churned up when human chemistry collides with cultural assumptions. Funny, touching, and thoughtful, Front Cover deftly deconstructs multiple stereotypes as it drives to a surprising and satisfying level of insight, pathos, and humor.

— Brendan Peterson

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F111

Co-presented by:
Center for Asian American Media
Gay Asian Pacific Alliance
Hyphen Magazine

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