The Joneses

DIRECTOR: Moby Longinotto

It isn’t easy keeping up with the Joneses. A working-class family born and bred in the Mississippi Bible Belt, they are an uncommon clan with a unique set of challenges—which they meet with an innate philosophy that “family is everything.” And this family sure is something. At the heart of their story (both figuratively and literally) is sprightly Southern matriarch Jheri Jones, a trim, platinum blonde transgender woman with a bedazzled air of both brass and refinement. After marrying and raising four sons, she divorced and became her authentic self, Jheri, in her 30s and finally saved enough money to complete her gender confirmation surgery in her 60s. Now 74, she lives in her tidy trailer park home with two of her grown sons, after years of estrangement encouraged by her embittered and religious ex-wife. Brad, the eldest, suffered brain damage at childbirth and, while functional, has significant cognitive disabilities. Trevor struggles to find his place and purpose in life while dealing with anger issues that ultimately reveal a deeply held secret. Trevor’s twin brother Trent, diagnosed with schizophrenia and autism, lives in a homecare facility nearby, while Wade is happily married with two teenage kids who have yet to discover their grandmother’s story. In his feature documentary debut, Moby Longinotto gracefully embraces this family of outsiders who, despite all their struggles, always trust that “if there is enough love, you can overcome.”

— Joanne Parsont

The Joneses is a Frameline Completion Fund recipient.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: D308

Co-presented by:
Lavender Seniors of the East Bay
San Francisco Film Society

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