Bay Area Premiere

Misunderstood within the mainstream, furries—or folks who don anthropomorphic body suits for role-play—come into snuggly view in Dominic Rodriguez’s sensitively rendered Fursonas. Avoiding sensationalism, Fursonas acquaints viewers with the unexpected individuals, many of whom are gay or bi, behind the plushy costumes—from androgynous dog-identified eccentric “Boomer,” to suburban mom “Freya,” to furry sex toy manufacturer “Varka” of Bad Dragon.Rodriguez furnishes an insider’s look at this outsider subculture, delving into the furry fray of intimate dramas and intragroup dilemmas. Topping the list of furry predicaments is the continued intrusion of the media—which opts for salacious exposés that paint participants as “sexual freaks.” No one is angrier about this than Uncle Kage, chief organizer of furry convention Anthrocon, who provides unintentional chuckles as his wine-fueled rants, against everything from frank sexual discussions to Boomer’s oddity, edge into absurdity. Winner of a Spirit of Slamdance award, Fursonas is a foundational document of a hitherto discounted community. Both fun and fascinating, Fursonas also raises profound questions about individuality and the human desire for acceptance—questions that will resonate with the furry, the furry-curious, and any viewer who has ever felt like a misfit.

— Curran Nault

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: D304

DIR Aron Kantor 2015 USA 4 min

In a world where fetish is the norm, the true nature of deviance stands out.

Co-presented by:
Folsom Street Events

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