Fun In Boys Shorts

Expected to attend: Director Allen Martsch (Bittersweet), Director Tom Frederic (Sauna the Dead—A Fairy Tale), Actor Chris Pollick (Sauna the Dead—A Fairy Tale), Director Daniel Maggio (The Glory Hole), Producer Wesley Houdyshell (The Glory Hole), Director Bobby Poirier (The Radical Fairy Prince: A Love Story), Directors The Perez Bros. (The Weigh In), Director John Dilley (Time Quest)

Why the long face? Break out the smiles and the popcorn as we celebrate homo hilarity in nine comic shorts. We start (like all good lightweight bouts) with a Weigh In—a queer send-up of hyperventilating boxing promos. In the charming animation Bittersweet, an anxious schoolboy scrambles to retrieve a valentine he’s sent to his secret crush, while a cake delivery goes horribly wrong (until it goes just right) in Spark. Two longtime San Franciscans recount their unlikely first date in The Glory Hole, which calls for a sexy black latex dance break (Mask4Mask). In the post-apocalypse, our time-traveling hero breaks protocol to visit his sex-starved younger self, in Time Quest... while the human jukebox at a carnival serves up a gay fantasia in MeTube 2: August Sings Carmina Burana. Enjoy a fairy flashback to Frameline’s founding decade (that’s the ’70s, kids): a filmmaker who found a box of fabulous Super 8 movie reels re-fashions them into The Radical Fairy Prince: A Love Story. And we close with a visit to a London bathhouse, where some of the guys are so unresponsive you’d think they were zombies—oh no! They are! It’s Sauna the Dead—A Fairy Tale.

— Peter L. Stein

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