Worldly Affairs

Expected to attend: Director Eoin Maher (No Strings), Director Goran Stolevski (You Deserve Everything), Director Chris Cruse (Say U Will)

You don’t need a foreign adapter plug to feel the eletric charge coursing through the four films in this year’s selection of global romantic encounters. As the couples in these films discover, though, while flying sparks can sometimes lead to a lasting flame, they might just be signs of a hazardous connection. Detecting the difference is the challenge for all the sexy fellows in these marvelous short films. We begin in Australia, where a handsome doctor is developing a strong after-hours bond with Sami, the hospital’s young Arabic translator. But all is not what it seems in Sami’s world, beautifully rendered in You Deserve Everything. We spin the globe to land in London, where a one-night “No Strings” hookup between Bryn, a Welsh loner, and Sean, his friendly Irish bedmate, threatens to go deeper, much to Bryn’s chagrin. On we move to a Los Angeles club in Say U Will: it’s past midnight on New Year’s Eve, and Marcus meets the alluring Ray. As they discover more about each other, what will their resolutions dare to be? And our global adventure ends, fittingly enough, on an airplane, where strangers Leon and Felix discover they have an uncommon connection. Seizing the moment requires they first have to resist playing out their entire future in their heads in the delightful Welsh Iris Prize winner, Spoilers.

— Peter L. Stein

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