We Need to Talk

Expected to attend: Director James Sweeney (Before Midnight Cowboy), Cinematographer Greg Cotten (Before Midnight Cowboy), Director Joshua Rogers (Pick Up), Producer Michaela Starr (Pick Up), Producer/Actor Travor Thompson (Pick Up), Actor Joshua Wells (Pick Up), Director J.R. Reid (Raw Footage), Director Björn Elgerd (We Could Be Parents), Producer David Färdmar (We Could Be Parents)

It’s the sweaty palms, the nervous laughter, the uncomfortable silence, the gulp: those moments when a hard truth needs to be disclosed, and can’t be avoided any longer. These moments—risky, private, erotic, intense—are at the crux of five marvelous short dramas about male intimacy that challenge the stereotype that guys just don’t—or won’t—talk. In Before Midnight Cowboy, lonely Cameron is getting over a breakup and has turned to a paid cuddler for regular companionship, when a nervous disclosure threatens to change their ongoing professional relationship. We Could Be Parents is an astonishing 15-minute confessional, delivered in one take, in which a Swedish lad lays out all the reasons his ex should give him another chance. Inside his New York bedroom, Dustin plans to celebrate his third anniversary with Colby by taping their hot sex, but the scene that unfolds isn’t quite what they’ve scripted in the sharply observed Raw Footage. A tender glimpse of an aging couple set in snowy Norway, Thanks for Dancing finds two former pro skiers broaching—and avoiding—the fact that this may be their last winter together. And in downtown LA, a driver for a ride-sharing service is falling for one of his passengers; the secret he decides to share may steer them off course in Pick Up.

— Peter L. Stein

Co-presented by:
San Francisco MovieBears

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