Coming Up Queer

Admission-free screening!

Expected to attend: Director Jonathan Skurnik (Becoming Johanna), Director Eric Rockey (Pink Boy), Director Lance McDaniel (Swirl)

Back by popular demand, this year’s Coming Up Queer free program returns! From skate parks to Georgia rodeos, these short films showcase diverse LGBTQ youth perspectives. In a story of familial love between a butch mother and her feminine son, Pink Boy follows BJ and Jeffrey as they both learn to embrace Jeffrey’s inner princess. When a struggling young Muslim girl feels unsafe at the skate park, a group of girls forms an all-female force field on the half pipe in Crystal Lake. In Swirl, a bout of bullying transforms into a defiant dance of joy when two handsome outcasts find each other in solidarity—and maybe a little romance, too? The short documentary Becoming Johanna follows a 16-year-old transgender Latina struggling with both school and a mother who prays for her to be someone else. Luckily, she finds mentors and a family of choice who enable her to thrive. And in Veracity, popular Olivia is inadvertently outed after developing feelings for the new girl at her high school. Written by a high school senior from Chicago’s South Side, Veracity explores both the stigma of being gay in the Black community and the ultimate power of friendship.

— Alexis Whitham

This program contains strong language, depictions of teen drinking, and a scene in which a character considers self-harm.

Co-presented by:
GSA Network
Our Family Coalition

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