Bi Candy

Expected to attend: Director April Hirschman (How to Kiss in Paris), Director Chase Casanova (More of Last Night), Actor/Producer Aarin Abel (Spectrum), Actor/Screenwriter Allison Begalman (Spectrum), Producer Matthew Camello (Straws), Actor Yuval Boim (The Friend from Tel Aviv), Actor Karen Giordano (The Friend from Tel Aviv), Producer Nicole Kristal (Why Should I Give a S#*t About Bisexuals?)

Binary-breaking shorts in this year’s batch of Bi Candy range from the adorable and romantic to the real and raw. In Spectrum, two friends must confront their sexuality when a wingwoman loses focus. Viviane meets an attractive stranger while sightseeing, and they discover How to Kiss in Paris. Noam, a young Israeli transman now living in NYC, is anxious to reconnect with his childhood friend Natan in The Friend From Tel Aviv. In the haunting autobiographical short ID#1:Writer, a bisexual woman refuses to be reduced to one label as she explores her overlapping identities. In Tits on a Bull, a women’s rugby team comes undone as their star player struggles to choose between following the playbook and breaking all the rules by pursuing the team captain. Meeting someone new has many challenges, and Lionel finds himself grasping at Straws to figure out which way(s) his new acquaintance swings. Three college friends go camping, only to awake to the harsh reality of their inebriated decisions in More of Last Night. And male participants in the popular #StillBisexual campaign reveal how they came to accept their identity in Why Should I Give a S#*t about Bisexuals? (Men’s Edition).

— Allegra and April Hirschman

The curators of Bi Candy dedicate this year’s program to the memory of Kristie Mayfield—actor, loving mother, sister, wife, friend, and nurse.

Co-presented by:
American Institute of Bisexuality

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