Only in San Francisco

Expected to attend: Director Jeff Schlags (A Wig and a Prayer), Director Meghan Ryan (Be Fabulous, First Stop: Sexitude), Director Hilda Schmelling (Be Right Back), Producer Barbie Leung (Be Right Back), Cinematographer Joe Picard (Folsom Street), Director Eric Risher (Furries)

From dancing leather daddies and celebrated drag kings and queens to the imaginatively sexy and romantic and a trip to a Furry convention, this batch of shorts truly embodies the “only in San Francisco” spirit. We start on Folsom Street, which gorgeously combines the gay leather and S&M world of the 1970s and the universe of choreographer Bob Fosse—and whips up into a sexually charged dance frenzy. The dancing continues with Be Fabulous, First Stop: Sexitude, which looks at D’Arcy Drollinger’s body-positive, sex-positive, age-positive Sexitude dance class—with plenty of neon spandex, fishnet stockings, and gold booty shorts. SF drag icon and cinephile Peaches Christ gets profiled in A Wig and a Prayer—The Peaches Christ Story. The owner of a small vintage shop has more on her mind than selling clothes in Be Right Back. Jeff and Cosgrove tell us their charming and true story of love at first sight... 22 years ago at The Glory Hole. In Furries, local filmmaker Eric Risher takes a trip to a convention in downtown Pittsburgh where thousands gather, wearing tails, hats with ears, and full-body animal costumes. The film looks beyond the fur to discover the importance of identity, creativity, and the community’s people.

— Kevin Schaub

Co-presented by:
Further Confusion
Peaches Christ Productions

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