Fun In Girls Shorts

Expected to attend: Director Renée Crea (Dance Card), Director/Producer Joey Ally (Partners), Producer/Cinematographer T.J. Williams, Jr. (Partners), Director/Writer/Actor Emily Robinson (Virgin Territory), Producer Debbie von Ahrens (Virgin Territory)

The unabashed horror of LBD and LTRs, misadventures in queer baby-making, rugby scrums Down Under, and ride-or-die loyalty are all part of this year’s grin-inducing and powerful collection of queer women’s shorts!

Cara has something important to tell her grandfather, and she’s worried he might find it a bit shocking in Dance Card. When a slump in work/life Partners Kate and Leigh’s sex life forces them to reconsider their relationship, they must confront how intertwined their lives have become. Tensions rise when a woman and her wife ask her brother to be the sperm donor of their baby... or the uncle... or the Spunkle! Virgin Territory is a queer and questioning coming-of-age story about a teen who wants to have sex for the first time to commence her long-desired exploration. Set in rural New Zealand, Tits on a Bull follows a women’s rugby team’s star player, Phoenix, as she struggles with the new relationship blossoming between her and the team captain, Mel. When Mac, a young butch Latina dies, her novia, Hope, must overcome personal grief in order to respectfully send Mac off into the afterlife as she would’ve wanted, in the ride-or-die inspired Vámonos.

— Desiree Buford

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