Oh the Horror!

Expected to attend: Director Mark Pariselli (Monster Mash), Director Blake Mawson (PYOTR495), Cinematographer Matthew Chavez (Tonight It's You), Actor Jake Robbins (Tonight It's You)

Have your nightmares gotten too vanilla? Our queer-y scare-y camp-y creepshow will fix that fast! Get ready to gasp, clutch your sweetie (or the stranger next to you), and scream bloody murder at this gothic grouping of queer horror flicks…with a few giggles thrown in for good measure. In Tonight It’s You, handsome CJ arranges a late-night hookup with misfit Hunter, only to discover more going on in Hunter’s backwoods farmhouse than he bargained for. Don’t be fooled by the sophisticated stop-motion doll animation that gives B. childlike charm; the bloody story—of repressed bombshell B. and her bisexual boyfriend K.—is a perverse twist on Saturday morning Barbie-mation. In Russia, vicious homophobes have been known to ambush unsuspecting gays they find online, but the attacks rarely turn supernatural, as they seem to do in PYOTR495. In the sweetly comic Monster Mash, two fanboys meet at a horror costume party and try to find common ground in their love of genre flicks. And we close with a trip to a London gay bathhouse, where the fixed stares of the guys wandering in towels make you wonder if we’ve arrived at the zombie apocalypse. Look again…we have! Welcome to Sauna the Dead—A Fairy Tale.

— Peter L. Stein

Co-presented by:
Another Hole in the Head Film Festival

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