Trans Stories – On Film and Online


With queer stories on mainstream film and television, the LGBTQ community has never been more visible on big, small, or even mobile screens. But when it comes to trans and gender expansive people telling their own stories, online portals are host to the most riveting and impactful narratives. New wave “television” strongholds like Amazon and Netflix have disseminated trans stories into the collective zeitgeist through series like Orange Is the New Black and Transparent. Online content is an even more robust endeavor; from highly produced groundbreaking online series, such as Frameline Completion Fund awardee Her Story, to everyday individuals documenting their own experiences on YouTube, Vine, and Tumblr, the impact is an online culture that influences how trans and gender expansive people find themselves, and how they interact with those who have come before them. In this panel, we will discuss what trans and gender expansive stories look like both on film and online, and how the power of film media impacts change in the community. 

Panelists (Scheduled to Participate):

Rhys Ernst (Director, This is MeWe’ve Been Around; Producer, Transparent)

Jeffrey Marsh (Social Star and Author with Penguin Random House)

Jen Richards (Writer, Producer, Actor, Her Story)

Angelica Ross (Actor, Her Story; Founder of @TransTechSocial)

MODERATOR: Sam Berliner (Festival Director, Translations Film Festival; Director, Producer, Float, Dating Sucks: A Genderqueer Misadventure)

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