Two Homelands Cuba and the Night  {Dos Patrias Cuba y la noche}

Two Homelands Cuba and the Night
Dos Patrias Cuba y la noche

Germany, 2006, 84 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: AIDS / HIV, Documentary, Gay, Latino/a, Transgender
Program: Documentary
Language: Spanish

DIRECTOR: Christian Liffers

Framed by the beautiful poetry of the oppressed Cuban poet Reinaldo Arenas, this revealing documentary features memorable portraits of five gay men and one transsexual woman living in and around Havana. Their disparate stories and candid interviews dispel myths while demonstrating a range of experience, opinion and social status: A vibrant nineteen year old, Raudel attends illegal gay parties, since the government still cracks down on queer gatherings; Tomas is a former colleague of Arenas, still deeply in touch with the revolutionary spirit; A courageous and talented photographer, Eduardo explores the mythology of Cuban machismo through his work; Imperio is an HIV-positive drag artist performing in the illegal cabarets; Alexy is the son of a Communist official living under the radar on the Malecon; and Isabel is a transsexual woman whose triumphant spirit helps her survive in a hate-filled world.
It has been more than ten years since the success of films like Strawberry and Chocolate and Gay Cuba, so Two Homelands provides a fresh and important look at the present-day gay culture and community of an often misunderstood country that is still stuck in the past but also very dynamic and full of surprises. While exploring their contemporary struggle for sexual liberation, German director Christian Liffers offers intimate access to the private lives and the two homelands of these queer Cubans. Cuba is the country where they live, but the night is where they thrive. — COREY EUBANKS


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